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Community Trust and Assurance Board

What is the Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB)?

The Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) represents the InCommon community in InCommon’s trust and assurance related programs and initiatives. It is advisory to the InCommon Steering Committee. The CTAB was formerly known as the Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC). CTAB membership includes representatives from higher education, other research and scholarly communities, internal auditors, and other key constituents. Details are in the CTAB charter.

The duties of the CTAB are to:

  1. Shepherd community consensus on trust and assurance related issues.
  2. Review trust and assurance related disputes between InCommon Federation participants. Liaise with international federations to address related disputes.
  3. Provide leadership and oversight of InCommon’s trust and assurance programs and initiatives. Identify and engage in opportunities to develop new initiatives and assurance profiles to enhance trust and assurance for InCommon, its participants, and other Research and Education federations, and advocate for their adoption.
  4. Perform identified functions supporting the InCommon Assurance Program.
  5. Coordinate with the InCommon Steering Committee and other groups as directed or reasonable.

CTAB Roster

For the current list of CTAB members, see our "about InCommon" page.


You can contact the CTAB by emailing

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