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Does your organization need to update an InCommon role?

  1. Use this form to change your organization's InCommon Executive.
    Note that you will need to upload a letter (on the organization's letterhead) signed by the organization attesting to the new InCommon Executive's role and work-related personal information: Name, Title, Email, Trusted Phone. Here's a template (Word document).
  2. Use this form to add/change an InCommon Site Admin. This request must come from your organization's InCommon Exec.
  3. Use this form add/change a Registration Authority Officers (RAO). This request must come from your organization's InCommon Exec.

Role Definitions

InCommon Executive: The InCommon Executive represents the participant organization regarding all decisions and delegations of authority for the responsibilities of InCommon Participants, including but not limited to, all relevant federation and certificate services. This includes payment of invoices, and assigning any person in the trusted administrator role (see below) for the InCommon Federation and as the Registration Authority Officer (RAO) for the InCommon Certificate Service. The executive is authorized as such in the InCommon participation agreement or by succession from the originally named executive. The executive role will typically be filled by a CIO, VP of IT, or other senior administrative officer responsible for the organization's information technology assets.

Federation Site Administrator: The Federation Site Administrator serves as the participating organization's primary registrar. The administrator is responsible for registering and maintaining the policies and technical data related to the organization's participation in the InCommon Federation, including submitting any Identity Provider and/or Service Provider metadata and associated certificates. The administrator is assigned by the participating organization's designated executive. Each InCommon participant can have up to two Federation Site Administrators.

Certificate Service Registration Authority Officer (RAO): The Certificate Service RAO has privileges to request and manage certificates for domains owned and controlled by that person's organization. RAOs can also create departments and can request or approve the creation of DRAOs (Department Registration Authority Officers). Each InCommon participant can have up to three RAOs.

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