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Self-paced content beginning one week before the live sessions

Workshop Overview

This training workshop focuses on learning and using core features of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform packaged Grouper software to implement the access control models described in the Grouper Deployment Guide. 

The sessions include a mix of self-paced learning, lectures, hands-on training, and discussion. 

The modules start with Grouper basics and progress through new features, access governance, security model, and administration. Read the related blog post and watch a full interview about the Grouper School with Chris Hyzer of the University of Pennsylvania.

What to Expect

Grouper Training Workshop Schedule
A virtual class, spanning four half days (12-5 p.m. ET) to reduce video conferencing fatigue
Pre-work for the Workshop: Self-paced content hosted in our LMS beginning one week before the live sessions

Knowledge of identity management concepts and related implementation experience is strongly recommended.

Curriculum Outline and Highlights

  1. Grouper Basics (101)
  2. Grouper Advanced Features
  3. What’s new in Grouper 2.5
  4. Grouper Access Governance (201)
  5. Grouper Security Model (211)
  6. Grouper Administration (301)
  7. Access Governance Practicum (401)
  8. IAM discussion – answering your questions

There is an expectation of participants to complete ~16 hours of self-paced study and exercises the week before the published course date. In addition to a collaborative Slack channel for the class, there will be open office hours on Friday to answer any questions.

The following week, students will attend live workshops Tuesday – Friday from 12 pm ET – 5 pm ET via Zoom.

Preparing for Grouper School

Detailed preparation instructions will be available and distributed prior to the class.

  1. You need to set aside at least 16 hours prior to the first day of class to complete the assigned pre-work in our LMS. You’ll have access to your VM and the class materials one week prior to the live Zoom sessions. You should also get comfy with the Grouper Deployment Guide during this time.
  2. You will need to have either an RDP client (for Windows) or SSH client (for Linux), plus root access to modify your etc/host files, depending on your choice of operating system for this class.
  3. The training makes use of Virtual Machines (VMs), in this case derived from Amazon Marketplace Images (AMI) loaded on Amazon Web Services. The training team will provide access instructions when you arrive for the first day of the training.
  4. You will need root/administrator access on the computer you will be bringing to class so that you can modify the local hosts file.
  5. Your VM will be not only be available during the training, it will stay intact for two weeks after the training. At that point, the VM will no longer exist – be sure to save anything you need within two weeks of the end of the training.

Tuition Schedule

Collaboration Success Program AlumniInCommon Participant Non-Participant
Early Bird Rate*$1,500$1,800$2,300
Regular Rate*$1,500$2,000$2,500

* Early Bird Rates will be available until three weeks before the workshop start date.

Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policy

All cancellations received on or before 11:59 PM EST on the Friday two weeks before the workshop start date are entitled to a full conference refund less a $20 administrative fee. There will be no refunds after this date. If you cancel after 11:59 PM EST on that date and have not paid by any other means, your credit card will be charged the cost of the registration fee. If you cancel your registration after 11:59 PM EST on that date, you may name another person from your organization to take your place for meetings that allow transferred registrations. To cancel, transfer, or make changes to your registration, please contact Thank You.

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