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Identity Onboarding
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Software: InCommon Trusted Access Platform

Software that will help you manage roles over time

It is challenging to provide, manage, and revoke access to institutional resources as people’s roles and needs change over time. The InCommon Trusted Access Platform can help!

A person’s role with an organization often changes over time. Someone may enter the identity system as a student – or probably a prospective student – and then things begin to change. That person may or may not graduate, may go to graduate school, or may become an employee, among other options. The challenge becomes managing access — providing access, removing access, or changing access to multiple resources depending on the situation.

Research and education colleagues developed the InCommon Trusted Access Platform to solve these problems that are unique – or at least more extensive – in our community. The software can help you manage these access issues over multiple resources and systems of record.


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Shibboleth provides single sign-on (SSO) across or within organizational boundaries. It allows sites to make informed authorization decisions for individual access of protected online resources in a privacy-preserving manner.

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Grouper helps collaboration happen. You can set up groups, roles, and permissions for many purposes, such as populating and administering standing committees, ad hoc research teams, departments, or classes.

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midPoint is an identity management and governance system. It synchronizes several identity repositories and databases, manages them, makes them available in a unified form.

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Case Study: UMBC and midPoint

Learn how UMBC used the TIER Grouper container to simplify patching, deployment, and scaling.