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InCommon Solutions

Research and Education solutions
for identity and access management

Community-designed identity and access management solutions

InCommon identity and access management solutions are built on standards and designed by and for higher education and research. Our community developed the specs, the services, and the software.

Managing access

Our solutions answer the question: who has access to what?

Scholarly collaborations

With InCommon, it’s collaboration made easy.

Guest systems

Provide access for parents, alumni, retirees, contracts and others.

Identity lifecycle management

Automate identity policy decisions and get folks working fast.

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processes at UMBC

Using the InCommon Trusted Access Platform, University of Maryland, Baltimore County has automated and simplified Identity and Access Management processes.

Graphic of a cloud display in a server room.

at Illinois

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign uses the InCommon Trusted Access Platform as a backbone for its cloud-first initiative.

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Simplifying IAM
at UC, Merced

The University of California, Merced replaced a homegrown identity registry.