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Identity lifecycle management

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Software that will help you manage roles over time

It is challenging to provide and manage access to institutional resources as people’s roles and needs change over time. The InCommon Trusted Access Platform can help!

At its core, lifecycle management is made up of rules and tools. 

An organization, through its various departments, provides the rules. A university’s lifecycle rule may say that on graduation a degree-seeking student becomes an alum. A human resources rule may say that upon the starting date on a signed contract, a job candidate becomes an employee.

The InCommon Trusted Access Platform provides the tools you use to enable the rules. For example, group management software can keep score of who is in what status or position and, as a result, which resources are available to them. Other components provide provisioning and deprovisioning capabilities, and libraries of connectors to various enterprise systems (such as human resources and student information systems). 

Your research and education colleagues developed the InCommon Trusted Access Platform to solve these problems. The software can help you manage these access issues over multiple resources and systems of record.