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eduroam Connectors: TLRS IP Address Change Required

As communicated to eduroam admins, we have changed the IP address on one of the two main eduroam-US RADIUS servers -- TLRS2.EDUROAM.US. Please take a moment to check your institution’s status on the IP Change Status Page. If your institution appears as failing please review the troubleshooting steps on this page.

eduroam logoeduroam is a global wireless network access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam allows students, researchers, faculty, and staff secure seamless wireless access at all participating institutions.

eduroam in the U.S. is brought to you by Internet2 in collaboration with the global eduroam community. Since 2012, Internet2 has contracted with ANYROAM, LLC, to operate the technical infrastructure of eduroam in the U.S.

Using eduroam, travelers gain network access at any participating institution or location. Since the home institution does the authentication, the visited institution does not need to explicitly grant access. This benefits visiting academics traveling for conferences and collaborative work, study abroad students, and other traveling students, faculty, and staff.

See our info sheet for an eduroam summary.

eduroam requires the participating institution to operate the IEEE 802.1X protocol (WPA2-enterprise) on the wireless network. For additional technical information, see the website.


Individuals use their home institution credentials to access the eduroam network at all participating institutions anywhere around the world.

Individuals simply open their laptop or device configured to connect to eduroam. They are remotely authenticated and authorized to access the eduroam network, and their traffic is encrypted between the device and the wireless network.

For the institution, eduroam removes the administrative burden of providing guest access for academics.

An institution can use eduroam as a single solution for its wireless network, serving its own students, faculty, staff, and researchers; as well as guests from other eduroam participating institutions. Using eduroam as a single solution for the institution's wireless network also prepares travellers for access at other participating eduroam institutions.

Internet2 Higher Education Members do not pay the eduroam subscription fees; eduroam is a member benefit for those organizations. Others are charged a small annual fee. In addition, you do not need to join InCommon nor Internet2 in order to subscribe to eduroam.

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