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Software: InCommon Trusted Access Platform

Our software solutions: flexible and adaptable

The InCommon Trusted Access Platform is designed to work with your institution’s identity and access management system, policies and practices. Our software is containerized for ease of installation and configuration. Use one component or the whole suite!


Grouper simplifies management by using the same group or role in many places and automates changes to access privileges as a person’s roles change. It empowers the right people to manage access, taking central IT out of the loop.

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  • Coordinated collaboration

    Grouper helps collaboration happen. You can set up groups, roles, and permissions for many purposes, such as populating and administering standing committees, ad hoc research teams, departments, or classes.

  • Single Point of Control

    With Grouper, once a person is added or removed from a group, the group-related privileges are automatically updated in all of your collaborative applications. Grouper allows efficient management of the membership roster at a single point.


Collaborators need to share documents, set up institution-independent mailing lists, coordinate calendars, and use a protected wiki to capture your efforts. COmanage allows you to streamline and manage your identity-oriented requirements in an efficient way.

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  • Enables streamlined collaboration

    COmanage helps manage your identity-oriented requirements and integrates identity requirements with your organization’s provisioning tools.

  • Identity Management Handled Behind-the-Scenes

    COmanage ties together mailing lists, authentication, etc., so you can focus on advancing research and scholarship, what you do best.


midPoint automatically creates and manages user accounts, groups, and organizational units. midPoint then seamlessly synchronizes several databases to make sure identity data are always up to date.

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  • Role-based access control

    midPoint can automatically compute user privileges based on his or her membership roles.

  • Identity Management Process Automation

    midPoint has a built-in engine that can drive approval of access requests.


Shibboleth provides single sign-on (SSO) across or within organizational boundaries and is among the world’s most widely deployed federated identity solutions.

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  • Make informed decisions

    Enables sites to make informed authorization decisions for individual access of protected online resources in a privacy-preserving manner.

  • User Your Existing User ID Mechanism

    Enables an organization to use their existing user authentication mechanism to access web-based resources even if the resource is not operated by the organization.