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InCommon Object Identifiers

Object Identifier (OID) Registry

The Object Identifier (OID) arc supports the assignment of unique, global, persistent OIDs to resources of various kinds for InCommon projects and working groups.

This page lists OIDs currently assigned. General information about the registry is available here.

Note:  Resources of interest:  OID Repository and the OID Repository FAQ.

Reference Key: OID Arc

OIDAllocation (Middleware Architecture Committee for Education)

OID Registry

OIDAllocationRegistry related work*Registry*Registry Education PKI (HEPKI) Education Bridge Certificate Authority (HEBCA)™ PKI (InCommon CA root for the metadata signing key) PKI CA (.x for versions) Signing CA Personal Certificate CAs SSL CA SSL CPS v2.0 Assurance Silver attributes and object class attributes and object classes Working Group Data Structures and APIs work 

eduPerson/eduOrg Object Identifier (OID) Registrations

This table lists OIDs currently assigned to eduPerson and eduOrg. 

eduPerson (200312) OIDs*
Allocation eduPerson
eduOrg (200210) OIDs*
Allocation eduOrgWhitePagesURI  

TIER Object Identifier (OID) Registrations

TIERAllocation Data Structures and APIs work