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Subscribing to eduroam

1. Are you eligible?

The eduroam service is open to:

2. Find the right Agreement

Choose an option:

a. Sign the basic agreement via DocuSign. This DocuSign Powerform will guide you through the signature process. A PDF review copy is available.


b. Are you from a multi-campus university or system?
Please contact us via our Help web form for the appropriate agreement that works for complex groups of institutions and organizations.

c. Sign Up for a 90-Day Trial at no charge. Please note: This Trial will require you to modify your wireless infrastructure. Be sure you know how! Sign up here!

OR —
d. You’re *only* a Hotspot? Sign up at no charge. If you want to provide eduroam to your visiting guests, but not to your own identity-system of users, you can sign up here! (Hotspots are also called SP’s or “Service Providers”.) For this option, sign the eduroam SP-Only “Hotspot” agreement. For technical know-how, be sure you know how!

3. Support eduroam (Fees)

See the fee schedule – there is a one-time registration fee and an annual fee. Internet2 Members receive one eduroam registered organization as a value of Internet2 Member dues.