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Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation Overview

Working together to create trusted and reliable collaborations

The InCommon community has adopted the Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation to improve interoperability.

Led by the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board, the community determined that a set of common expectations that all participants meet will

The Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation are comprised of three brief sets of statements for: Identity Provider Operators (IdP), Service Provider Operators (SP), and the Federation Operator.

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Evolving via consensus

In developing the Baseline Expectations, the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) held a series of webinars and an open comment period to reach consensus on the expectations. Some of the expectations will require further interpretation, so CTAB also defined a community process for reaching consensus.

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Resolving disputes

Undoubtedly there will be cases of dispute – for example, when a participant believes that another organization’s operations do not meet Baseline Expectations. The Baseline Expectations include a dispute resolution process to resolve disagreements.

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Intent to alter metadata

As the federation operator, InCommon also has responsibilities under Baseline Expectations. For example, InCommon has several processes to ensure that Participants’ federation metadata is accurate. Part of the documentation is a process that InCommon will use before it alters metadata.