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Research and Scholarship Category

Streamlining research access across the globe

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International research collaborations have asked InCommon participants to support the Research & Scholarship category to speed collaboration access. Here’s how to support R&S at your identity provider.

What is the Research and Scholarship category?

The Research and Scholarship (R&S) entity category defines a simple and scalable way to streamline federated research access. Identity providers (IdP) supporting R&S category agree to release basic, pre-defined person directory information to all service providers (SP) serving the Research and Scholarship community.

  • Convenience

    Faculty and researchers instantly access participating services using campus credentials without IT involvement

  • Collaboration on-demand

    When a research project adds a service to the category, collaboration across participating campuses is immediate

  • Vetted services

    InCommon reviews each service application for adherence to the category definition and requirements

  • Save time and resources

    Once enabled, there is no additional involvement of IT staff to provision new R&S services

R&S is a global standard

InCommon has partnered with its peer federations worldwide to create the Research and Scholarship (R&S) entity category. Supporting R&S means your uses has instant access to research collaboration resources worldwide.

Support R&S in your institution

Identity provider operators: support the academic mission for research; declare your support for Research and Scholarship today

Qualify to be a R&S service provider

Do you operate a service primarily aimed to enhance research and scholarship activities? Simplify user access and management by applying to be an R&S service provider today.

Research & Scholarship Adopters

Hundreds of InCommon IdPs and SPs are already a part of the R&S category. Even more are available globally. Click below to see who is a part of the Research and Scholarship category:

Badge Service with entity categories

The R&S category is just one of several “badges” used to convey qualification, adherence, or support for particular federation practices. Learn more about how these badges help federation participants improve interoperability and simplify management.