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Innovative and Trusted Technology


Innovative technology for research and education

The InCommon community works hard to provide open-source cost-effective solutions for research and education, serving the academic mission and no other sector.

We’ve been at this for more than 20 years and have a stable of development partners and solution providers that serve higher education. That gives you options for cost-effective support and access to add-ons, depending on your particular needs.

Our technology is based on widely adopted standards. People use our stuff for critical infrastructure, so you can be confident in the community-developed InCommon identity solutions made for research and education.

The InCommon community considers the entire lifecycle in support of the software and services. By collecting requirements from current deployers, we don’t just focus on the development of new functionality, but also ensure that existing useful features aren’t trashed in the process.

The InCommon Trusted Access Platform significantly simplifies installation and configuration of our open-source software. Organizations now spend less time focusing on the tactical work of installation, maintenance, configuration update – and focus more on the institutional requirements of identity.

Over at the InCommon Federation, the whole purpose is one-and-done – set things up once, then integrate with multiple cooperating partners.

Open source. Community developed. Standards based. The technology behind the InCommon Federation and the InCommon Trusted Access Platform was created specifically with research and higher education in mind.