Join InCommon

Eligibility as an InCommon Sponsored Partner

A Sponsored Partner is defined in InCommon policy and is invited to join InCommon by any current InCommon Institution of Higher Education or InCommon Research Organization.

Provide supporting documentation

  1. Documentation of Annual Revenue, to determine your annual fees. This documentation can be:
    • A statement of revenue from a recent annual report
    • audited financials
    • a statement from a company official attesting to your annual gross revenue and/or attesting to which fee level your company fits into.
  2. Sponsorship Letter. See below.
  3. Send your materials to
  4. Don’t forget to go back to step 2 in the Join process to sign the agreement, etc.!

Sponsorship letter

The InCommon Executive of a Higher Education or Research Organization must send to InCommon an email or letter prior to acceptance as an InCommon Sponsored Partner participant.

Sample Sponsorship Letter


CC: sponsored partner contact

Dear InCommon,
[Sponsored Partner] currently provides resources to the research and education community. I believe this service provider will be an InCommon Federation participant in good standing. Please find the name of the sponsored organization and their URL below.


[InCommon Executive]