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Solving IAM Challenges: InCommon Academy’s Fall 2024 Training Lineup



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Jean Chorazyczewski, InCommon Academy Director

As demands on identity and access management (IAM) teams continue to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Summer may be in full swing, but it’s the perfect time to plan for your team’s professional growth this fall. InCommon Academy is excited to announce our Fall 2024 training schedule, designed to address your institution’s pressing IAM challenges.

Whether you’re enhancing single sign-on implementation, automating group-based access controls, improving identity governance, or consolidating identity data management, our expert-led sessions provide the knowledge and hands-on experience your team needs to excel. 

With a focus on the Trusted Access Platform Components, InCommon Academy offers a comprehensive suite of courses to tackle your most complex IAM issues.

The InCommon Academy virtual learning environment combines expert instruction, engaging tools, and one-on-one support, all within a collaborative atmosphere that fosters lasting connections between peers in the InCommon community.

Hear it from Former Training Attendees:

“Getting to see how things work from the beginning was very helpful. I also liked the format of the course where it was mostly self-paced. This allowed me to make (and break) things on my own. The instructors were very helpful and welcoming.”
– Shibboleth training participant

“Getting to try out core concepts like hierarchies, loader jobs, provisioning, and, in general, how to maximize efficiency by abstracting things out [was valuable.]”
– Grouper training participant

“[The training had] a knowledgeable instructor and great approach as an introductory course. The labs were useful.”
– midPoint training participant

What’s New in Fall 2024?

We’re thrilled to introduce some exciting changes to the Fall 2024 training lineup:

  1. We are launching Group Synchronization, a new advanced course for midPoint. Read more about this course below.
  2. COmanage training is moving to an expression of interest model. If you or your team need COmanage training this year, please let us know here.
  3. Take advantage of our popular courses for Shibboleth, Grouper, and midPoint First Steps.

Explore our Fall 2024 Course Schedule

Fall trusted access platform training schedule.

Detailed Course Descriptions


Grouper Software Training

Dates: August 19-22, 2024, and November 12-15, 2024

Unlock the power of access control models with our comprehensive Grouper training. Join us virtually for four intensive half-day sessions to learn Grouper basics, advanced features, access governance, security models, and administration. Gain hands-on experience with Docker container versions, connect with our Grouper developers/instructors, and learn to implement robust access governance strategies. Self-paced study is required before the first day of the training.

Chris Hyzer, Application Architect | University of Pennsylvania
Chad Redman, IAM Consultant | Unicon

midpoint logo

midPoint First Steps Software Training

Dates: September 3-6, 2024

Enter the identity management and governance world by taking your first steps with midPoint. This virtual course is designed for identity management architects, system engineers, and deployment partners. The course aims to build an extensible identity management foundation with basic synchronization and provisioning. Participants will gain a solid understanding of midPoint’s basics and use it to integrate first source and target systems safely in iterations, using Evolveum’s “First Steps Methodology.”

Ivan Noris, Expert Identity Engineer | Evolveum

shibboleth logo wordmark

Shibboleth Software Training

Dates: September 23-27, 2024

Dive into the world of Shibboleth Service and Identity Providers. Get hands-on training and gain expertise in deploying, configuring, and managing Shibboleth software. Explore containers, DevOps strategies, and modernize your operations while receiving personalized guidance from experienced trainers. You’ll also learn how to integrate seamlessly with InCommon Federation using recommended defaults. Plus, see a demo of the Metadata Configuration Manager (formerly Shib IdP UI).

Paul Riddle, Senior Middleware Architect | University of Maryland – Baltimore County
Paul Caskey, IAM Architect | Internet2

midpoint logo

midPoint Group Synchronization Training (NEW!)

Dates: December 2-5, 2024

Prerequisite: midPoint First Steps

Enhance your midPoint configuration with advanced group and role synchronization! This virtual course is tailored for identity management architects, system engineers, and deployment partners. It is also ideal for midPoint users looking to master the “Group Synchronization” deployment methodology and revisit the basics using the latest midPoint release and features. Building on the foundation laid in the First Steps training, this course focuses on extending identity governance configurations with group synchronization and provisioning. Participants will deepen their understanding by integrating the first source and target systems using group and role concepts. This integration will be carried out safely and iteratively, following Evolveum’s proven “Group Synchronization Methodology.”

Ivan Noris, Expert Identity Engineer | Evolveum

COmanage logo

COmanage – Registry & Match Training

Forming Q4 2024 Cohorts Now

Master the tools for centralized identity management and cross-system record matching with our COmanage training on two key components:

  1. COmanage Registry: Learn to model your organization, set up enrollment flows, and effectively manage identity data across multiple systems using the InCommon Trusted Access Platform packaged version.
  2. COmanage Match: Explore this powerful cross-system matching engine, mastering heuristic-based techniques for aligning identity records across various authoritative systems.

New Flexible Training Model: We’re introducing an expression of interest approach for Q4 2024. By indicating your interest now, you’ll help shape the schedule and be first to know when sessions are planned. This model ensures more personalized, effective learning experiences tailored to participant needs.

Express your interest today to join our next COmanage training cohort and take your identity management capabilities to the next level!

Laura Paglione, Partner | SCG
Shayna Atkinson, Partner | SCG

Invest in your institutional IAM skills now! You’re not just preparing for the fall semester — you’re laying the groundwork for a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly IAM infrastructure that will better serve your institution.

Visit InCommon software training to learn more about our Fall 2024 schedule of classes.