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It’s Better than a Meeting.
It’s CAMP.

Learning and exploration opportunities in identity and access managment

BaseCAMP serves those new to identity and access management (IAM) and InCommon. CAMP meetings are all about sharing case studies of what’s working and learning about what’s next. Advance CAMP is where we identify and work on the long-range and global challenges.

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BaseCAMP provides a workshop for those new to identity and access management (IAM), new to InCommon, or both. The workshop focuses on the basics of identity and access management, an introduction to the InCommon Federation, and overviews and demonstrations of the community-developed identity and access management suite, the InCommon Trusted Access Platform. Virtual BaseCAMP is returning June 6 – 10, 2022. Come camp with us!

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CAMP includes community presentations such as case studies, organizations’ innovations in identity management, best practices, and other information that helps move the community forward. Watch featured videos from the 2021 event!

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Advance CAMP

Advance CAMP is the annual unconference where the research and education identity and access management community gathers to identify and work on long-range and global challenges.

The CAMP series focuses on issues relating to identity and access management. The meetings help to promote effective campus identity practices, and to educate higher education institutions about how to participate in a national and growing international trust infrastucture.