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Collaboration Success Program Alumni Case Studies

They Got IAM Done. Better. Faster. Together. Case studies from CSP alumni are a valuable resource for the entire InCommon community. They highlight shared challenges, opportunities, and solutions, making it possible for us to learn from each other and continue progressing on our respective IAM journeys.  

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West Chester University

Executive Summary: West Chester University (WCU) engaged with the Collaboration Success Program (CSP) to develop an identity and access management (IAM) roadmap. One of the university’s primary goals was to shift towards a unified identity system. To accomplish this goal, WCU needed to integrate three ERP systems, maintain support for both formal and informal regulatory reporting, facilitate swift onboarding, offboarding, and access adjustments as required, and grant access to individuals who undergo role changes. It was imperative for the WCU team to identify and implement an identity solution while minimizing disruptions to operations and user experiences. The CSP program played a pivotal role in helping WCU modernize its identity roadmap, and the university is well on its way to implementing its IAM solution, which will include COmanage, Grouper, midPoint, and Shibboleth. 

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The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Summary: The University of Texas at Austin’s goals in joining the InCommon Collaboration Success Program (CSP) fell into three categories: community, training, and IGA modernization. Gathering experience and knowledge for modernization were key motivators for UT’s CSP participation and community involvement. IGA modernization was the main task. Community and training fed the modernization. Community questions around the adoption of the Trusted Access Platform versions of midPoint and Grouper, for example, were high priorities for UT’s IGA modernization and areas of collaboration and training. By joining the CSP community, UT Austin was able to focus on IGA modernization, consolidate IAM solutions to reduce technical debt, improve IAM processes, and provide additional value to campus.

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University of Washington

Executive Summary: The University of Washington’s (UW) identity environment supports three academic campuses, four hospital campuses, multiple outpatient clinics, local hospital affiliates, and worldwide research partners. UW’s identity profiles are in the range of three million. UW-IT aims to provide users with a consistent identity experience regardless of where they interact with the university. The University of Washington Information Technology (UW-IT) focused on three goals during the Collaboration Success Program (CSP):

  1. Launching a new Grouper version onto the current system within a cloud environment by the end of 2023 and make the new version ready-to-use.
  2. Developing a plan to move existing group production service to the new Grouper version.
  3. Exploring COmanage Match and COmanage Registry.

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University of California, Santa Barbara

Executive Summary: The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), saw the Collaboration Success Program (CSP) as an opportunity to get multiple teams on the same page about how identity and access management (IAM) are managed on its campus. Two primary goals UCSB pursued towards this aim were (1) upgrading Shibboleth and adjusting the SSO pod architecture and (2) implementing and exploring Grouper applications. While more work remains to fulfill UCSB’s vision of a unified, more modernized IAM framework, participating in the CSP gave UCSB clarity around how to eliminate existing redundancies, structure a new enterprise team, and merge data more effectively.

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