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About the Collaboration Success Program (CSP)

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The CSP provides an opportunity for higher education and research organizations to discover, prototype, and plan identity and access management services using the InCommon Trusted Access Platform and related services like the InCommon Federation.

Get just-in-time help from just-the-right person, whether it’s a developer, community implementer, or subject matter expert.

Watch this video from the April 20 IAM Online to learn more about the program.

Program benefits

The CSP provides a cost-effective solution for identity and access management, including several benefits.

How it works

The CSP’s modular approach allows you to pick and choose the right tools to support your training and planning efforts, ensuring that you’ll hit the ground running when it’s time to start implementing. Interested in learning more? Read on!

Success stories and testimonials

You’re in good company! See how many of your peers from the below institutions have joined the CSP, and read their testimonials.

Academic institutions participating in the Collaboration Success Program

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Detailed program information

Learn about the application process, program fees, and other frequently asked questions.

Join us for a CSP Panel at April IAM Online on April 19, 2023 at 1 pm ET

Panelists will share their experiences with the InCommon Collaboration Success Program (CSP) program and how it is helping them to achieve their IAM goals. They will discuss how they got involved with Internet2/InCommon and what led them to the Collaboration Success Program as well as sharing the highlights of their CSP project work. Join us to learn about overall experience and benefits of participating in CSP.

Speakers: Erik Coleman, IAM Architect, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign; Anne Tacazon Interim Business Service Manager, Identity & Access Management, University of Washington
Moderator: Jean Chorazyczewski, Director, InCommon Academy

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Application process and program fees

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  1. Complete this brief questionnaire to share your interests
  2. Meet with us to learn more about the program
  3. If it’s right for you, register for the program using the link we will send to you. 

The subscription fee for the program ($25,000 for new participants or $20,000 for returning alumni) covers all of the activities that are outlined in the Program Benefits. Fees must be paid prior to participating in any activity except for the first workshop. Additional fees may be incurred for training workshops in excess of eight registrations per participating organization. Any associated travel expenses are not included in the program fee. If participants register for a workshop(s) and do not pay the program registration fee, they will be invoiced for the full price of the workshop(s).

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