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Collaboration Success Program

Training Series and Integration Practicum

For community, by community.

Got an IAM challenge that you need help solving? You’re not alone.

Is access management giving you the blues? Are you experiencing growing pains with your guest system? Does lifecycle identity management give you the jitters? Let me guess, you want to collaborate with others outside of your organization in a secure way?

If any of these challenges resonate with you, consider joining the Collaboration Success Program (CSP) and make quick work on your implementation, knowing others are there to help.

Learn more about the CSP

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Hear an overview of the CSP and experiences from current participants during a webinar on June 3, 2020 (2 pm ET).

Key program benefits

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Access the Right Experts

Get just-in-time help from just-the-right person – whether it’s a developer, community implementer, or subject matter expert.

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Engage in Training Workshops

Choose the right mix of courses for you and your team.

Move your Project Plans Forward

Jump start your solution and be on your way in just 4 months, with help from program staff to keep you moving.

Program overview

How You’ll Benefit

Curious what you’ll get out of the program? You can expect to:

  • get direct access to practitioners, advisors, and program alumni
  • receive facilitated peer engagement with fellow adopters
  • get support and advice through dedicated Slack channels and facilitated meetings to help plan your project and keep it moving
  • receive up to registrations good at any of our InCommon Academy courses
  • be eligible for discounts on training opportunities beyond the 4 included seats
  • leverage dedicated program staff to keep project plans in motion while removing blockers
  • collaborate with peers to jump start the implementation of your solution

Giving Back

By participating in the Collaboration Success Program, you help your peers by:

  • providing lessons learned about your local challenges and solutions
  • contributing deployment advice to your peers
  • informing InCommon about issues encountered in production implementation
  • providing data to help others in the future around support, technology development, and functionality

Program Fees and Application Process

The $25,000 subscription fee for the 6 month program includes these benefits:

  • Priority access to advisors and community implementers when you need it
  • Up to 4 seats for the InCommon Academy training portfolio ($8,000 value)
  • Discounts on training registrations beyond 4 seats ($500 each)
  • Build a peer network, like you, to work together to solve problems
  • A jump start on solving your Identity and Access Management solutions

Are you ready to learn more? It’s a painless process.

  1. Complete this brief questionnaire to share your interests
  2. Meet with us to talk through your plans and gauge program fit
  3. Engage in a follow-up discussion with our staff and subject matter experts to learn more
  4. Apply to the program
  5. Gather to meet your new cohort in late September and start to work on your project plans
  6. Attend training courses this fall
  7. Put hands to keyboard in January as we make headway on project plans


Program Details

Still have questions? Browse our program details for more information.

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