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Certificate Service Support

InCommon Certificate Service

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Certificate Service support is split between InCommon and our partner, Sectigo. See the information below.

Help and resources from InCommon

InCommon can help with password resets and maintains a wiki with detailed technical information. For other help, scroll down to the Sectigo section.

Help and resources from Sectigo

Sectigo, our partner in the Certificate Service, handles support related to issuing and deploying certificates, such as error messages in the Certificate Manager, delays in issuing certificates, setting up new departments, and what a DRAO can and cannot do.

Note: To ensure the correct routing of your Sectigo ticket –
Select Case Type “Technical Support” or “Validation Support”
Select Case Reason “Sectigo Certificate manager (SCM)”

Information and Guides

Technical Support


If you feel your issues have not been addressed by any of these options, please email us!