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Catalyst FAQs

Have questions about the Catalyst program? Check out the series of FAQs below to find the answers!

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General FAQ

What is the Catalyst Program?

The InCommon Catalyst Program supports higher education institutions, research organizations, and sponsored partners in their implementation and use of the InCommon services and software.

When was the Catalyst Program founded?

Internet2 announced the official launch of the InCommon Catalyst Program on June 8, 2021.

Why did InCommon decide to start a Catalyst Program?

Through feedback collected from the community, individuals expressed interest in hiring a third party to support a range of solutions from augmenting their IAM staff to hosting Trusted Access Platform components. In response, we wanted to make industry experts easily accessible to our participants, so that they can quickly and seamlessly use InCommon Federation, eduroam and the associated Trusted Access Platform software. The program is specifically structured to feature community corporate and non-profit organizations that have expertise in InCommon IAM services and software and are committed to serving research and education. 

How long have the Catalyst partners been involved with InCommon?

A crucial component of a partner supporting the Catalyst Program is active involvement and contribution to our community for a minimum of one year. Some of our current Catalysts have collectively been supporting InCommon-related work for the research and education community for more than 10 years.

Organization-specific FAQ

What can the Catalyst program do for me?

Looking for help getting one of the Trusted Access Platforms going? Want help setting up a DevOps environment? The Catalysts can set up an engagement with you—long or short—to help you get going or keep going on an IAM project. They can also help you connect into the InCommon Federation if you run a corporate IAM solution. Not sure who to go to? Let us know by telling a bit about what you’d like to do.

Who can get services from a Catalyst Partner?

Anyone needing help deploying InCommon services and software solutions can contact the Catalysts for help. 

I’m interested, but not sure what type of support or services I need. Help!

Deep breaths, we’ve got you covered! Catalyst partners are industry experts and can provide guidance for your best path forward. Tell us what you are trying to solve for at your organization, and a Catalyst will help you develop a straightforward, solutions-oriented plan.

Tell me about your matchmaking process. How do you decide which Catalyst an organization partners with for their service needs?

The catalyst partners are a collaborative team and work together to determine who can best serve your needs. All you need to do is tell us how we can help, and the right partner will connect with you on next steps.

Am I contracting with InCommon or the Catalyst partner when participating in the program?

InCommon acts as the preliminary liaison between your organization and a Catalyst partner. All contracts and financial agreements are coordinated  and managed directly with the partner.

Do you have to be an InCommon participant and/or Internet2 member in order to work with a Catalyst partner?

No, Catalysts work with any research and education organization. Some work with other sectors too. 

I want to partner with a Catalyst! What’s next?

Great news! You are on your way to receiving strategic guidance and implementation for your trust, identity and security needs. Let’s start a conversation!

Prospective Catalysts FAQ

I think I have a lot to offer your community. What are the requirements to join the program?

Catalysts are active participants in the InCommon Community. We ask that you:

– Offer products and solutions that support InCommon software and services
– Participate in the community for at least one year prior to joining the program
– Self-attest to supporting community standards for specific programs
– Give back to the community in the form of service and annual case studies, or similar resources

Is there a limit to the number of companies that can be part of the Catalyst Program?

We welcome growth and expansion of the Catalyst Program! There is no limit to the number of partners who can join.

What are the steps involved for becoming a Catalyst partner?

– Meet with our team so that we can learn more about you and the services/product you offer
– Become an active participant with the InCommon Community
– Sign the InCommon Catalyst Program Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
– Join and collaborate with your Catalyst peers
– Contribute to the community every year

Do you have to be an InCommon participant and/or Internet2 member in order to become a Catalyst partner?

Companies are required to be an active participant for a minimum of one year before joining the Catalyst Program. Learn more about joining (and if you decide to join, welcome!).

This sounds like a great opportunity. How do I find out more information?

Please email and we’ll schedule an introductory call to meet your team and provide you with the information you need for next steps.