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Community Practices and Standards

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Object Identifier (OID) Registry

The Object Identifier (OID) arc, supports the assignment of unique, global, persistent OIDs to resources of various kinds for Internet2/Trust and Identity projects and working groups.

Uniform Resource Name (URN) Registry

The URN namespace supports the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to resources of various kinds. The Namespace Identifier (NID) of the namespace is “urn:mace”.

NOTE: As of 2015, Internet2 encourages the use of URLs in preference to URNs. See FAQ for more information.

Working Group Reports and Specifications

Working groups form the backbone of InCommon. The resulting reports and specifications guide how InCommon moves forward together.

eduPerson and eduOrg

eduPerson is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) schema designed to include widely-used person and organizational attributes in higher education. The eduPerson object class provides a common list of attributes and definitions, drawing on the existing standards in higher education. This schema is curated by Research and Education Federations (REFEDS), which is supported by GÉANT.