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Data Management Made Easier: InCommon Releases Federation Manager 5

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May 11, 2020

A major new release of the InCommon Federation Manager sports a new and friendly interface, streamlining the process for adding and editing information. Site administrators use the Federation Manager to manage their organization’s information, which is then used for communication with other InCommon participants.  

Version 5.0 of the Federation Manager provides a step-by-step experience and guides site administrators through easy-to-use check boxes, drop-down menus, fill-in-the-blank text fields, and context-aware documentation. As the user makes changes, the new information is also saved in real time, making it easy to stop midway and come back later without needing to re-enter everything. 

“Most site administrators don’t need to use the Federation Manager on a regular basis,” said Ann West, executive director of InCommon. “Making it easy for them to understand what to do and why is important for organizations to get the most out of InCommon.  ”

Details and screen-shots of the new interface are available on the InCommon Federation wiki.