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Group Convenes Over the Need for IAM Collaboration

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Recent EDUCAUSE IAM listserv conversations about the need for more identity and access management (IAM) collaboration sparked the lively May 18 “Community IAM Collaboration” discussion, which drew more than 130 attendees. View the recording, which starts halfway through the event, and review the chat transcript.

Led by Mike Corn, CISO of UC San Diego and Ann West, AVP of Trust and Identity for Internet2, participants completed a survey to explain their particular IAM interests, their roles, organization information, options for their planned or current IAM architecture, and functions they’re looking to update or replace. Download survey results from the event.

Discussions also included replacing home-grown systems and IAM workforce development and organizational approaches.

Attendees identified several next steps, including:

  • Capturing metrics around FTE (full-time equivalent) to run the IAM program and compare the scopes of IAM programs across institutions.
  • Keeping a list of vendors that other schools are implementing to allow institutions to find each other. 
  • Creating an IAM data flow techniques roundtable.
  • Capturing an identity profile for each school, including architecture, products, and methodologies; the time to provision or de-provision accounts; identify pain points and what works.
  • Creating “Dedicated Topic” rounds for participants working on the same issues.
  • Collecting feedback from InCommon Collaboration Success Program alumni that have deployed InCommon Trusted Access Platform components and/or replaced legacy systems.

By popular demand, InCommon will partner with several community members to gather the IAM community on a monthly basis to continue the noted discussions. Stay tuned for an announcement for the next meeting. Interested in joining the conversation? Let us know!