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InCommon Advisory Committee Nominations Now Open

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InCommon needs enthusiastic volunteers to bring their unique expertise to our community groups. Serving on InCommon committees is an excellent way to serve the community, broaden your professional network, and develop and hone leadership skills. We invite you to nominate people for membership, including self-nomination. Nominations close on October 23, 2020, and new terms start January 2021. To submit a nomination please fill out the Advisory Committee Nomination Form.

These are the committees seeking new members. Details are below.

  • InCommon Steering Committee, seeks 3 members, meets monthly on first Monday @4-5pm ET
  • Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI), seeks 7 members, meets bi-weekly on Tuesday @11am-12pm ET
  • InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), seeks 4 members, meets bi-weekly on Thursday @1-2pm ET
  • Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB), seeks 4 members, meets bi-weekly on Tuesday @1-2pm ET

The InCommon Steering Committee seeks engaged leaders who will help determine the strategy for InCommon and for the overall Trust and Identity area. We are looking for nominations for leaders in higher education IT, research groups, information security, and libraries. The Steering Committee is selected to represent the broad range of InCommon Participants. For more information about InCommon’s mission, the role of the Steering Committee, and a current list of Steering Committee members, please see Contact Dean Woodbeck with questions about this committee.

The Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI) seeks individuals whose experience and expertise together comprehend the range of T&I architectures and activities nationally and internationally and the range of constituencies that comprise the research and education sector. In particular, this year we are seeking individuals with experience in community colleges, service providers, software development, and research. CACTI is a standing architecture strategy group of global community members. Learn more about CACTI, including the charter, current member list, and public meeting minutes, at the CACTI wiki space. The current chair is Tom Jordan and the vice-chair is Jill Gemmill

The InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) supports InCommon’s mission “to create and support a common framework for trustworthy shared management of access to online resources.” The TAC works best when its members span a variety of perspectives, including (but not limited to): universities and colleges of all sorts and sizes; research organizations, traditional and virtual; regional R&E network providers; sponsored partners; trust and identity solution providers; and international partners.

The TAC is seeking member representation from the following areas: 

  • Small and non-graduate degree-granting institutions
  • Research, especially in the areas of public health and health sciences
  • International, specifically Canada, Mexico, and South America
  • Librarians with an understanding of federation

Learn more, including expectations of membership, at the TAC wiki space, which includes the group’s charter, current member list, work plan, and public meeting minutes. Committee chair is Janemarie Duh and vice chair is Keith Wessel.

The Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) seeks additional members to continue support of Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation. CTAB’s duties include shepherding the community consensus, guiding InCommon’s trust programs, and leading dispute resolution when concerns about participants arise. Members will have a substantial and lasting impact on how InCommon enables the academic mission. CTAB needs members representing all of InCommon, including:

  • Service Providers, both large and small, including commercial entities
  • Women in Identity
  • Universities and colleges, both large and small
  • HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions
  • Research and scholarly communities
  • IT and IT security strategic leadership
  • IAM and information security operations
  • International perspective
  • Internal audit
  • InCommon Staff

Learn more about CTAB, including the charter, current member list, and public meeting minutes, at the CTAB wiki space. Committee chair is David Bantz.

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please email the committee contacts listed above or Jessica Fink, the InCommon Advocacy Program Manager.