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Looking for a better way to manage access to resources (on-prem or in the cloud)? Working on supporting collaboration within or outside or your organization and need some help? Need an easier way to update access when individuals change status or roles (at scale!)?  

The InCommon Collaboration Success Program (CSP) can help. Through the CSP, participants come together to solve common challenges using the community-developed, standards-based software and services that comprise the InCommon Trusted Access Platform. Get just-in-time help from just-the-right person, whether it’s a developer, community implementer, or subject matter expert. 

You’ll work with others on one (or more) common identity and access management challenges, have access to subject-matter experts, and participate in training opportunities

This year’s CSP targets four common challenges. 

  • Managing Access – Managing multiple resources and a large variety of access rights is often overwhelming. Whether you are on a campus, a research organization or a company, finding solutions to simplify your access management is essential to your success. Potential Starting Component(s): Grouper
  • Scholarly Collaborations – You need to enable collaboration – across campus or around the world. Your collaborators come from different organizations, identity already in hand, needing access to all of the tools, instruments, and services involved with the collaboration. Potential Starting Component(s): COmanage, Grouper
  • Guest Systems – Providing guest access can be a thorny issue, potentially adding thousands of accounts to the enterprise directory. Hmmm. Wouldn’t it be nice to have these loosely related people use their existing email or social media credentials, then group them quickly and accurately? Potential Starting Component(s): COmanage
  • Identity Onboarding and Lifecycle Management – A person’s role within an organization often changes over time. The challenge becomes managing access based on the individual’s changing role. Potential Starting Component(s): COmanage, midPoint, Grouper, Shibboleth

Interested? We’re looking for 10 or more organizations to collaborate in this fee-based program. If you would like more information, please complete this form by Friday, September 20. (This is not a firm commitment; we’ll ask for that later.) We will follow up with you about your plans and fit for the program. 

For more information, see the CSP web page or email