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BaseCAMP Serves Those New to Identity Management

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“What should we keep for BaseCAMP next year?” the evaluation survey asked. One response captured the essence of the program: “The level of training/education, the open and honest environment, vendors who are willing to be part of the conversation without pushing their products.”

It was that kind of meeting.

Sixty-three identity and access management professionals gathered in Milwaukee in mid-August for the first InCommon BaseCAMP. The meeting – more of a workshop – was intended for those new to identity management, to federated IdM, or both.

Faculty – a mix of InCommon/Internet2 staff and community members – gave a quick overview of identity management, then provided detailed information on how the federation works, why the user experience matters, and a look at the underlying technology. Experts also provided information about general identity and access management problems and potential solutions. Finally, groups dug into the community-driven open source software that comprises the InCommon Trusted Access Platform.

But many of the highlights occurred outside of the meeting rooms. Dinners hosted by faculty members with conversations organized around general topics proved popular. One attendee commented, “The dinner was very informative and offered a real in-depth conversation with the InCommon faculty.”

Planning is already underway for BaseCAMP 2020, tentatively scheduled for mid-June.