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InCommon Academy Instructor Insights: Making the Most of midPoint



By Apryl Motley, CAE, Communications Lead, InCommon

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

With our next virtual midPoint Basics workshop coming up November 7–10, we asked instructor Ivan Noris,  an expert identity engineer at InCommon Catalyst Evolveum, to share his insights on its benefits.

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What do you hope attendees will learn from midPoint training?

I hope attendees will understand how midPoint works, why it works that way, and to what extent they can customize it for their institutions or organizations. This training is a starting point to introduce them to midPoint.

Why are these important topics to cover? 

You need to learn to walk before you run. We try to introduce midPoint basic concepts in a simplified deployment and explain the concepts and their configuration. This should give you answers to your first questions when considering midPoint as a solution for identity provisioning.

What do you enjoy most about facilitating midPoint training? 

I like explaining how midPoint works and discussing its potential to solve real-life challenges. I like sharing my knowledge, experience, and – most important – my “lessons learned.” 

What have past attendees told you is their biggest takeaway? 

Feedback is always very important to me as we try to improve the training course over time. Based on the previous pre-training and post-training surveys, attendees usually state their confidence of using midPoint in deployments improves significantly during the training.

What’s the #1 reason IAM professionals should attend midPoint training? 

Understanding midPoint as an open source identity management and identity governance solution, which is part of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform, will help IAM professionals to see how midPoint can help their institutions or organizations. The training is more than a slideshow; there are many labs (some are optional) for attendees to try and see how things work. This, of course, brings many new questions, which we try to answer during the training.

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There’s still time to join our insightful instructor for the virtual midpoint workshop, November 7–10. Register now.

Ivan Noris
Ivan Noris
Fun Facts about Ivan
His Favorite Superhero: Ace Rimmer, Deadpool, and Iron Man (in alphabetical order)
How He  Takes His Coffee: I don’t drink coffee.
Best IAM Advice He Ever Received: You cannot cheat the project management triangle.
Fabulous Attendee Feedback for Ivan
What did you consider the most valuable aspect of the midPoint training program?
Course lab exercises are well-organized. It seems that a lot of effort has gone into their design and configuration.
Being able to directly ask questions of the instructor during breaks and in the Slack 
The instructor’s extremely high level of applied (real-world) familiarity with midPoint capabilities and implementation patterns