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The Basics of Building Your Own IAM Program at InCommon BaseCAMP 2024



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By Iain Oldman – Copywriter, Content Marketing, Internet2

As institutions set out to establish crucial identity and access management (IAM) programs, their IAM teams will inevitably face a slew of new questions. Understanding core components and navigating key decisions about infrastructure, staffing, and budgets is just the beginning of the process.

Each IAM program faces unique challenges, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all blueprint available off the shelf. Fortunately, experienced IAM teams in the InCommon community can offer advice and expertise to help with some of the growing pains of a new or evolving IAM program.

This year at InCommon BaseCAMP 2024, a panel of IAM experts will dive into their experiences building — and maintaining — the IAM programs at their respective institutions.

The “Building IAM Programs” session features insight from Marta Lang, a senior IT manager of Identity and Access Management at the University of Texas at Austin; Geoff McGregor, the manager of Identity Management Systems for University Information Technology Services at Indiana University; and Kim Milford, the chief information security officer & deputy CIO at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Marta Land posing for a profile photo.
Marta Lang, senior IT manager of Identity and Access Management at the University of Texas at Austin

What is the best advice about IAM you’ve ever received?

Slow and steady wins the race. It is not necessarily advice I have received, but it’s definitely something I’ve learned.

Geoff McGregor posing for a photo.
Geoff McGregor, manager of Identity Management System for University Information Technology Services at Indiana University

What do you like most about your job?

The IAM team gets pulled into a lot of projects. This can be challenging, but it’s also a great opportunity to meet people and learn how different aspects of the university function.

Kim Milford posing for a photo.
Kim Milford, chief information security officer & deputy CIO at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign

What do you like most about your job?

I relish the ability to assist users and protect privacy and cybersecurity with new solutions.

Here is an informative preview of what these three IAM professionals have in store for InCommon BaseCAMP 2024:

What will you talk about at the “Building IAM Programs” session?

Let’s face it — building an IAM program from the ground up can be tricky. There are so many different IAM functions and technology to consider. As soon as you are done with an implementation, technology evolves, and you may need to re-invent your program. Many of us in the research and higher education community may be on the second or third generation of IAM.

Then, there’s the people part. How do you staff your team with the right skills to accomplish the goals of your IAM program? The right balance of IAM understanding and institutional familiarity contributes to accomplishing IAM program goals. What’s the right way to engage with stakeholders on your campus? Communication and stakeholder engagement are crucial to a successful IAM program.

It’s challenging, but who doesn’t love a good challenge? Come hear how three higher education institutions have implemented and evolved their IAM programs.

Why is this an important topic to cover?

Because IAM programs are complex, it’s hard to get started. Taking those early steps, such as setting goals, defining roles, and choosing technologies, can help focus efforts.

What do you hope people learn from your session?

There are three major points we want attendees to walk away with:
– The goals of a modern IAM program
– Basic functions, technologies, and processes used in developing (or re-developing) an IAM program
– Lessons learned from our on-campus experiences

What are some of the biggest benefits for people attending BaseCAMP?

BaseCAMP presents opportunities to learn from others in the IAM community who have diverse perspectives and experiences and may have been in your shoes at one point in time.

You can also make professional connections there that may not be available in other settings.

Promotional graphic illustration for Basecamp 2024.


If your institution or organization is exploring the first steps of establishing its IAM program or if it has an already established program that needs to evolve, this session will provide valuable information.

Register now and join us online at BaseCAMP from June 3-7 to learn from three institutions that have built their own IAM programs from the ground up. Throughout the week, other sessions will also cover identity registry, identity authentication, and federation principles.

BaseCAMP also provides unique networking opportunities with other organizations and professionals in the IAM field.