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Baseline Expectations Adoption and Reporting Begins

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February 18, 2021

The move to adoption of the second set of Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation (BE2) is underway. The new expectations include three technical requirements aimed at improving security and the user experience that all InCommon Federation participants must meet during 2021:

  1. Each Identity Provider and Service Provider will secure its connection endpoints with current and trusted encryption (TLS)
  2. All Identity Providers and Service Providers will comply with the SIRTFI international security response framework
  3. All Identity Providers will include an error URL in metadata

InCommon operations will generate regular reports on the progress towards 100% adherence and will communicate directly with those organizations with entities (identity providers and/or service providers) that have not met the expectations.

The following data is current as of February 17, 2021

InCommon Federation by the numbers

Total organizations in the Federation:        786
Total Identity Providers in the Federation:    583
Total Service Providers in the Federation:    5,562

Category   CountPercent
Organizations adhering to BE255 out of 7867%
Identity Providers adhering to BE263 out of 58311%
Service Providers adhering to BE2586 out of 5,56211%
IdPs adopting SIRTFI119 out of 58320%
SPs adopting SIRTFI592 out of 5,56211%
IdPs with Error URL230 out of 58339%

The InCommon community adopted the first round of Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation in 2018. The effort concluded successfully in February 2019, when 100 percent of Federation participants met those expectations.