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Academic Collaboration Continues to Grow

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May 13, 2020

Educational and research organizations continue to improve their support for collaborations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since a March 26 call to action, 35 institutions have joined more than 160 InCommon campuses and other organizations to help their faculty, staff, and students work together.  You can see the full list here.

How can you help? InCommon makes that easy to do. We vet service providers that apply to be a part of the global Research and Scholarship Program (R&S).  If your organization issues identities and credentials, supports an InCommon identity provider pre-configured support for this program, your scholars and researchers can immediately access the tools and resources available from these pre-approved service providers. Read the details and how you can join today.  

More than 140 collaborations and related services are available through this program. This ease of onboarding is particularly important as collaborations continue to spin-up to fight the coronavirus. Please consider joining today.