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Help Drive the Bus: Fall Community Recruitment Season Opening Soon

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By Netta Caligari, InCommon Community Success Manager

Interested in how our community drives the work at Internet2? Want to have a say in defining Baseline Expectations, influencing software direction, or contributing to eduroam practices? We encourage you to join an InCommon advisory group during our Fall community recruitment season!

Each fall, we announce a call for participation for all of our advisory groups. We invite you to start thinking about people to nominate for membership, including yourself. Keep a lookout for the upcoming IAM Online webinar, “You’re the Boss! Getting Involved with InCommon Community Groups”, scheduled for September 15, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Participate in this webinar to learn more about what each group is working on and how to get involved. 

  • If you’re new to the community, consider joining a working group. These volunteer opportunities are set up for a specific area of interest or activity. Anyone can join at any time and you can see the full Trust and Identity Working Groups List.

  • Advisory committees are the next step if you’ve been involved in the community for a few years through the Collaboration Success Program, working groups, or other community-focused activities. Serving on advisory committees is an excellent way to help the community, broaden your professional network, and sharpen leadership skills. These groups develop InCommon Baseline Expectations, help identify and define new services and requirements, and work on interoperability standards. For more information on the current rosters, read about InCommon Community Leadership.

These important community groups drive the innovation of Internet2’s services, software and community practices. Each Fall, we announce a call for participation for all of our groups. We encourage you to think about who you might nominate for membership, including yourself!