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The Best Way to Get Your Hands On midPoint? Training from InCommon Academy



By Apryl Motley, CAE – Incommon Communications Lead

If you’re trying to determine how best to implement midPoint at your institution, look no further than the upcoming training available from InCommon Academy, April 25 – 28, 2023. 

The InCommon Academy’s midPoint Basics Workshop offers a robust hands-on environment. In fact, recent attendees tell us it’s the most valuable aspect of the training:

  • “The labs were amazing for hands-on experience.”
  • “The sandbox environments are very useful for hands-on experimentation.” 
  • “Good foundation for the system and a good environment to play in” 
  • “Labs were very good and helpful.” 

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This midPoint Basics Workshop is slated for April 25-28 through the InCommon Academy.

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midPoint Instructor Ivan Norris

As midPoint instructor Ivan Norris,  who is an identity engineer at InCommon Catalyst Evolveum, explains, “The training is more than a slideshow; there are many labs for attendees to try and see how things work.”

“I like explaining how midPoint works and discussing its potential to solve real-life challenges,” he continued. “Understanding midPoint as an open source identity management and identity governance solution, which is part of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform, will help IAM professionals see how it can help their institutions or organizations.”

Get your hands on the help and insight you need. Join us for our virtual midPoint Basics Workshop, April 25 – 28. Early bird rates will be available until March 31, 2023.


InCommon Academy Instructor Insights: Making the Most of midPoint