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InCommon Academy Instructors Earn High Marks: Meet Them When You Join Us This Fall for Software Training



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The expertise and real-world knowledge of InCommon Academy instructors is unparalleled in the field of identity and access management (IAM). They consistently earn high marks from software training attendees with 83% rating them very satisfactory for:

  • The usefulness of their content
  • Their accessibility to and interaction with attendees

Due in large part to their efforts to design practical, hands-on workshops, InCommon Academy software training isn’t your run-of-the-mill educational offering.

InCommon Academy

What Past Attendees Say About Our Instructors

“This course is obviously taught by knowledgeable individuals. These are the people who write the software and use the software. It’s a rare combination and very effective.”

– Grouper Training Attendee

“Having deployers as trainers is invaluable! Having the trainers genuinely interested in engaging in instruction is even more invaluable.”

– Shibboleth Training Attendee

“The most valuable aspect of the training program was the ability to ask lots of questions about how each of the base steps affects the overall configuration.”

– COmanage Training Attendee

“The most valuable aspect of the training program was the instructor’s extremely high level of applied (real-world) familiarity with midPoint capabilities and implementation patterns.”

– midPoint Training Attendee

See You in Software Training This Fall

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Does your team have a new staff member who needs a crash course on Shibboleth? Or a resident expert on IAM who wants to upskill on Grouper, COmanage, or midPoint to lead the next phase of your institution’s IAM modernization?

Look no further than the InCommon Academy’s Trusted Access Platform training. Registration is open for upcoming training on Grouper, COmanage, Shibboleth, and midPoint

(Watch this short video introduction to Grouper)

It’s a win-win for your employees’ professional development goals and your team’s journey to modernize IAM at your institution. Our training is:

  • Led by our Trusted Access Platform developers and seasoned community implementers
  • Designed to keep participants connected and engaged through a variety of learning and collaboration tools, including Canvas, Zoom, and Slack
  • Built to offer opportunities for one-on-one support from our expert instructors 
  • Fun! (It’s a key component of our training style.)

As a result, our participants bond with their peers and develop strong connections to the InCommon community. 

 (Watch this short video introduction to Shibboleth)

Interested in learning more? Visit our website or view software training highlights for fall 2023 below. If you have questions about the InCommon Academy or Trusted Access Platform training, please email

Workshop Name & Description Schedule Registration
Shibboleth Software Training
Get first-hand experience with packaged service and identity providers. This hands-on virtual workshop demonstrates how to deploy the InCommon-ready Shibboleth Service and identity providers in a way that’s easy to install and manage. You will also learn how to modernize through the DevOps approach and dive into the world of containers and how they can make your life easier.
September 25–29 Visit the Shibboleth Training website for more information.

Early bird rates are in effect, so register by Sept. 1 and save on tuition!
Grouper Software Training
Centralized access management at its finest. This virtual workshop is delivered through self-paced learning, access to a class Slack channel, and four half-day sessions delivered through Zoom. The modules start with Grouper basics and progress through new Grouper features, access governance, security model, and administration. Self-paced study required before the first day of the training.
October 17–20 Visit the Grouper School website for more information, or register now.

Early bird registration closes Sept. 21
COmanage Registry: Managing Identities & Collaborations Workshop
This hands-on virtual workshop provides a conceptual understanding of COmanage and the technical know-how to get up and running. Using the InCommon Trusted Access Platform packaged version, you will learn how to model your organization or collaboration and set up enrollment flows to meet your identity management objectives.
October 24–25 Visit the COmanage Software Training website for more information.

Early bird rates are in effect, so register by Sept. 23 to save on tuition!
COmanage Match: Solution for Identifying Unique Records Workshop
This virtual workshop will get you started with COmanage Match. This cross-system matching engine provides a heuristic-based system for matching identity and other records across multiple authoritative systems of record.
October 26 Visit the COmanage Software Training website for more information.

Early bird rates are in effect, so register by Oct. 3 to save on tuition!
MidPoint Deployment: First Steps Training
Enter the identity management and governance world by taking first steps with midPoint. This virtual course is designed for identity management architects, system engineers, and deployment partners. The course aims to build an extensible IdM foundation with basic synchronization and provisioning. Participants will gain a solid understanding of midPoint’s basics and use it to integrate first source and target systems safely in iterations, using Evolveum’s “First Steps methodology.”
November 13–16 For more information, visit the midPoint Software Training website.

Early bird rates are in effect, so save when you register by Oct. 17!